Volunteer Registration is Closed

Volunteer FAQs

  • All volunteers must be age 18 or older.
  • We do not accept walk-in volunteers.  All volunteers must complete the Volunteer Registration form in advance and submit it for approval.
  • Individuals will not be allowed to volunteer if they are listed on the National Sex Offender Registry.
  • Your event ticket will be sent to you prior to the event by USPS.  You will need to present this ticket at one of the gates for entry.  You will then proceed to the Main / Information booth near the food trucks (see event map) to check-in with the Volunteer Supervisor. You should check-in no later than 15 minutes before your shift start time.
  • All volunteers must present a photo ID at check-in to receive your t-shirt and food coupons (as applicable).
  • Bottled water will be available to volunteers during their shift(s) at no cost.
  • Our goal is to ensure all our volunteers are safe and enjoy a rewarding experience.
  • Warrior (12 hours total): All-day (11am – 11pm) – event ticket, t-shirt, bottled water, two (2) food truck coupons (good at any food truck), and Meet & Greet opportunity with artist, if possible.
  • Half Day (6 hours total): (3 shifts x 2 hours each shift, consecutively or not, or 1 shift x 6 hours)* – event ticket, t-shirt, bottled water, one (1) food truck coupon (good at any food truck).
  • Shifters (4 hours total): (2 shifts x 2 hours each shift or 1 shift x 4 hours)* – event ticket, t-shirt, and bottled water.
  • Flex: (4-hour shift) – event ticket, t-shirt, and bottled water.
  • Some preferences/teams fill up quickly.  For best selection sign-up early.  The Volunteer Supervisor has the right to re-assign all volunteers regardless of stated preference.
  • *Shifts are not flexible for load-in and load-out volunteers.  Load-in will begin on Saturday and continue Sunday morning; load-out will begin Sunday night at 10 PM.  These volunteers must be available on Saturday (day) and/or Sunday (day or night)!
  • Please let us know at any point if you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitment at HopeFest.  If you do not show up for your scheduled volunteer shift(s), you will not be able to volunteer at next year’s festival.
  • Volunteer Registration will be in the Main/ Information tent near the food trucks (see event map).  You must stop here first to check-in with the Volunteer Supervisor.
  • All volunteers must present a photo ID to check-in.
  • You will receive your volunteer t-shirt and food truck coupon(s) (if applicable.)
  • You must arrive no later than 15 minutes before your shift begins for instructions.

Any person who enters the HopeFest festival grounds assumes all risk of personal injury and loss or damage to property.  Management reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone.  Management is not responsible for any lost or stolen property or any vehicle while attending HopeFest.  Wings for Widows and volunteers performing services on behalf of Wings for Widows and HopeFest reserve the right to search individuals and personal property on the festival grounds. 

When entering HopeFest festival grounds you are entering a venue where still images, sound and moving images will be captured.  Thus, entry onto the HopeFest grounds and/or purchase of an admission ticket constitutes consent to having your image, video or audio captured, stored, edited and used to create derivative works by event staff, vendors, and volunteers.  The resulting materials and any derivatives of these materials may be used now and in the future by Wings for Widows, HopeFest, and its licensees without restriction or financial compensation on the web, in social media, in traditional media, in print and transmitted via airwaves.  The use of the material may include but not be limited to security, promotion and other purposes.  All guests, volunteers, vendors, ticket holders and others on site waive their rights and license to any of this imagery.  People not willing to submit to this release, should not enter the festival grounds.

For answers to additional questions, please email us at Volunteers@Hope-Fest.org.